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Aqua Thomond


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Aqua Thomond Block Paving is a dual sized, smooth finish block paving with chamfered edges defining sharp clean lines.

The 60mm range comes in a mixed bale consisting of two sizes, 240 x 160mm and 160 x 160mm, while the 80mm range comes as a single size, namely, 240 x 160mm.

The chamfered edge defines sharp clean lines to the paved area.

Aqua Thomond should be laid in accordance with a specified SuDS design. Roadstone’s Aquaflow Permeable Paving system offers a full range of components, along with a design service.

The product is manufactured in Roadstone’s paving plant in Gooig, County Limerick and is shipped nationwide.

Key Features & Benefits

• Dealing with storm water at source
• Reduces water quantity
• Improves water quality
• Lowers construction costs
• Allows collection of storm water from impermeable surfaces
• Improved maintenance programme


The Aqua Thomond Block Paving range is designed to ideally suit commercial and residential projects that have a specific requirement for water management.

Pre-Sealed paving

Factory in-line sealing is an available option by request on orders over 500m2. The ideal time to apply these surface treatments is at the point of manufacture.
Paving is sealed in the factory while product is clean thus avoiding on site contamination of dirt. This allows for more accurate application of the surface treatment, ensuring that the
correct amount of sealer is applied to the surface. In turn this gives the treated surface all the properties of post impregnated paving. It also removes the probability of secondary efflorescence and makes the application of cement based grouts easier.

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Technical Specification

Case Studies & Resources

Case Study

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Case Study: SUDS compliant paving solutions for a rated residential build

Aqua Thomand Creche

Case Study: Permeable Paving System promotes sustainability at Cork Crèche

permeable paving

Case Study: Design of paving provides ease of access for sheltered housing development





A sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) is an alternative to the traditional pipes, gullies and culverts approach to a development and its drainage strategy. A SuDS system comprises components and techniques that are deemed to be more sustainable and deal with storm water at source.

Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) mimic natural drainage processes by employing these three key principles: water quality, water quantity and biodiversity/ amenity.

The Roadstone Aquaflow system provides the means to not only achieve but excel in the three key SuDS principles. Through considerate design, careful selection of techniques and materials, the Roadstone Aquaflow blocks and the Roadstone Aquaflow system deliver the following:


  • Reducing water quantity – Dealing with surface water at the source reduces the effects of urbanisation and the impact of localised flooding
  • Improving water quality – Roadstone Aquaflow. provides two levels of storm water treatment: removing harmful pollutants and protecting the environment downstream
  • Contributing to the biodiversity – Contributing to the biodiversity of development by working in conjunction with other SuDS techniques. Roadstone Aquaflow. allows any hard standings, including roads, to be used as drainage, producing a traditional looking surface with many desirable features.


Roadstone Aquaflow has used research and design to evolve the Roadstone Aquaflow permeable paving system into one of the most cost effective and functional SuDS within the marketplace.

SuDS Paving Solution

The Roadstone Aquaflow system has a unique sub-base design incorporating SC Intergrid which reduces construction costs whilst giving superior structural performance. Water quality improvement is realised through the use of our tried and tested Inbitex Geotextile which removes the requirement for downstream pollution control. The patented Roadstone Aquaflow system fits neatly within any block paving project, where your paving design becomes your drainage design and vice versa.

Roadstone Aquaflow SuDS can be designed as fully attenuation, fully infiltration or as a partial infiltration system. Attenuation (tanked) systems capture storm water to be collected and released in a controlled manner into sewers and downstream watercourses. Infiltration systems allow rainwater to be infiltrated into the ground mimicking a green field environment.

Storm water leaving the Roadstone Aquaflow system is cleaned and filtered through the Inbitex Geotextile layers that promote microbial action. Water quality improvement allows secondary non-potable uses to be carried out such as flushing toilets and watering the garden. The Roadstone Aquaflow system can be designed for use in both trafficked and pedestrianised areas, allowing the collection and treatment of storm water from any paved surface.

Advantages of Roadstone Aquaflow

  • Dealing with storm water at source
  • Reduces water quantity
  • Improves water quality
  • Lowers construction costs
  • Allows collection of storm water from impermeable surfaces
  • Improved maintenance programme.


In conjunction with our permeable paving design consultants Formpave, Roadstone can offer a comprehensive design service to suit individual design requirements.

The team of experienced engineers have designed more than 3,000 permeable paving schemes, both here and in the UK, during the past 20 years.

All designs carried out by the design team are project specific; each individual design is carefully considered and bespoke to the project in mind.

Design Services

  • Validation of permeable paving designs
  • Full structural and hydraulic permeable paving designs complete with layout drawings and construction details
  • Free technical advice
  • Access to a range of typical details
  • Value engineering service

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