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Castlestone antiqued paving can be identified by its rustic appearance. The range features a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colours. This combination will allow you to find a combination suitable for any project.

The product is manufactured in Roadstone’s paving plant in Gooig, County Limerick and is shipped nationwide.

Paving sand can be bought from Roadstone locations.


Castlestone antiqued paving can be used in a range of settings. For example, a patio, garden, driveway or path for instance.

As described, the 80mm thick option is suitable for roads and commercial applications.

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Castlestone.Antiqued.Charcoal-paving Castlestone.Antiqued.Causeway-Blend-paving Castlestone.Antiqued.Curragh-Blend-paving Castlestone.Antiqued.Limestone-Mix-paving Castlestone.Antiqued.natural-paving Castlestone.Antiqued.tan-paving

Technical Specification

Product Sizes

There are two sizes available which include a 60mm and 80mm product.

Size Depth Quantity (per m²) Quantity (per bale) Bale size
240x160mm 60mm 26 360 13.82m²
160x160mm 60mm 39 504 12.90m²
120x160mm 60mm 52 672 12.90m²
240x160mm 80mm 26 300 11.52m²
160x160mm 80mm 39 360 9.23m²
120x160mm 80mm 52 672 12.90m²


Size (mixed bale) Depth Quantity (per m²) Quantity (per bale) Bale size
240x160mm & 160x160mm 60mm 15.6 units of each size 432 13.82m²

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