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Channel Block




When designing the falls across paving, it is necessary to look at the path that the surface water will follow. Roadstone’s Channel block is the solution. With the coordinating face size of 200 x 200mm and a depth of 70mm, it is ideal to meet your needs.

The 10mm deep dish in the face of the channel block is sufficient to carry the water to the drainage point without creating a trip hazard. As the Channel block is available in standard colours, there is a colour to blend or contrast with your design requirements.

Roadstone also supplies a range of Jointing Sand, Jointing Compounds and Laying Course

Colours available

Channel-Natural-Grey   Channel-Tan   Channel-Terracotta   Charcoal-Channel-Block

Further support

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Technical Specification

Size No. per L/Meter Unit weight Bale size
200 x 200 x 70mm 5 6.5 kg 240 units per bale