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Flomix – Mortars, Renders & Plasters


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Roadstone Flomix is a range of dry-silo, factory produced, mortars, renders and plasters. Roadstone Flomix is ideal for construction projects which require an efficient and regular supply of quality mortars, renders and plasters to optimise the construction process, and maintain mix consistency throughout.

Roadstone Flomix is manufactured in our state-of-the-art plant, using traditional materials, to proven prescribed mixes which provide the optimum combination of strength, bond and workability. It is supplied as blended dry ingredients in silos and only requires the automated addition of water on-site. This ensures that mix quality and consistency is high and can be maintained throughout the build.

For further information on spread rates, site requirements and technical information download the latest Flomix brochure HERE.

All Roadstone Flomix mortars, renders and plasters are CE marked products. CE and DoP certificates are available to download HERE

Key features and benefits

  • Consistent mix quality, workability, colour and strength
  • No manual batching, improved productivity
  • No storage of raw materials on-site, cleaner site
  • Constant supply of mortar, render and plaster
  • Simple to operate
  • Economical to use, no wastage
  • CE marked product

Technical Specification

  • I.S. EN 998 series- Specification for Rendering and Plastering Mortar
  • SR 325  is the current guidance document for Structural Use of Unreinforced Masonry
  • EN 13914 – 1 is the current guidance document for applying Renders / Plasters

Concrete Mix Specifications

  • Standard render is 1: 4 Cement : Sand
  • Standard mortar is 1: 5-6 Cement : Sand