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Gravel stabilising sheets



From footpaths to driveways, parklands to golf courses, Gravel stabilisation sheets solve the problem of aggregates sinking, migrating and forming ruts by providing stabilisation.

Gravel stabilising sheets utilize recyclable grey polypropylene material with a sheet of honeycomb hexagon cells. They provide a honeycomb design that is rigid and holds its uniform hexagon shape, which provides maximum load bearing.

The underside has a durable geotextile which in cooperation with Roadstone’s gravel, coloured aggregates and decorative pebbles allows the water to easily re-enter the soil, making Gravel stabilising sheets a desired choice where sustainable drainage is required.

The interlocking system and manageable size sheets make for easy installation.


  • Stabilizes Decorate aggregates and gravel
  • Easy to walk on
  • Durable and strong with enhanced load bearing
  • Can provide a permeable paving SUD’s option
  • Allows the rainfall to soak back into the soil
  • Requires less Aggregate due to the hexagonal format
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Environmentally Friendly


Technical Specification

Sheet size 1600 x 1200mm = 1.92m²
Depth of Cells 30mm