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Hallmark Walling


Note: Hallmark is sold 5m² mixed bales. Please round your required quantity to the nearest bale.
For 10 bales+ enter your required quantity.
*Single size bales available on request


Roadstone’s Hallmark Walling gives a distinctive cut natural stone appearance to traditional Irish homes, while adding charm and character to modern urban developments.

It’s clean yet traditional appearance adds prestige and blends beautifully with the natural landscape, it can also enhance the character of the surrounding streetscape in an urban setting.


Hallmark blends perfectly with old and new materials in a wide range of applications such as:

  • Homes
  • Holiday Homes
  • Refurbishment
  • Landscaping
  • Internal Features
  • Boundary Walls
  • Entrances


Technical Specification


Single size and mixed bales are available.

The contents of a 5m² mixed bale is outlined below:

Block type Pieces per bale m² per bale
HM 1 65 1.1
HM 2 50 1.1
HM 7 30 1
HM 8 25 1.1
HM 9 10 0.55
HM 10 5 0.25


Single size bale contents are outlined below:

Block type Pieces per bale no. per m² Bale size(m²)
HM 1 320 59 5.4
HM 2 240 45 5.4
HM 7 160 30 5.4
HM 8 120 23 5.4
HM 9 98 18 5.5
HM 10 100 20 5
HM 11 50 10 5


      • I.S. EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system
      • I.S. EN 771-3:2011 Specification for Masonry Units – Part 3: Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units using an NSAI, System 2+ Certificate of factory production control.
      • Roadstone products also meet the statutory requirements of the relevant sections of The IrishBuilding Regulations 2014

Compressive Strength

      • Available to I.S. EN772-1 fm dry
      • Group 1 (solid)  15N/mm²

Fire Resistance

      • Euro code 6 – I.S. EN 1996  Design of Masonry Structures – Part 1-2: General Rules – Structural Fire Design,  defines the methods and calculations to determine the fire resistance of concrete block walls.  Table N.B3.1 to table N.B3.6 of annex A, Roadstone Blocks have a Class A1 Fire rating

Thermal Properties

      • I.S. EN 1745 Masonry and masonry products-Methods for determining design thermal values . table A3
      • Typical Thermal resistance “R” value of 100mm solid block   = 0.084 W/mK


    • Suitable for most exposure classes to SR 325

Case Studies and Resources

Case studies


Private country residence sympathetically designed with Hallmark Walling

brick, masonry

Round tower coastal building redesigned using Hallmark Walling