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Roadstone currently produces and supplies a range of Mineral Products from its Roadstone Minerals facility in Killough Quarry, which include:

  • Animal Feed Products
  • Dolomitic Products
  • Powders/Minerals

These products have been supplied to a broad range of customers throughout Ireland and the UK including; Glass Manufacturing, Animal Feed Production, Industrial Processes, Energy Generating Industries, Fertilizer Manufacturing and the production of a wide range of construction products from Roof Tiles to Road Surfacing Materials.

Roadstone strives to maintain an excellent reputation for competitiveness, reliability, quality and service.

Feed Products

The Calcium Carbonate products are supplied to Irish customers in the animal feed sector, all feed products comply with and are accredited to the Feed Material Assurance Scheme (FEMAS).

The FEMAS standard encompasses all the operations and activities of the company that may have a bearing on the critical quality, safety and specification of the feed ingredients supplied, from raw material procurement and supplier approval, through to the point at which any feed ingredients produced are transferred to a third party.

Product Names

  • Animal Feed Lime 38% Ca
  • Superfine Animal Feed Lime 38% Ca
  • Calcium Carb 140 Animal Feed 38% Ca

Dolomitic Products

The raw material is transported direct from the Roadstone Bennettsbridge mine and stored on site in Roadstone Killough.

When required it is brought into the minerals hopper crushing machine for production of fertiliser and mineral materials. The material is analysed bi-annually by an external laboratory to ensure compliance to requirements. Controls are in place in the location to prevent contamination from stone, hardware, oils, weeds etc.

Product Names

  • Cascal RM 110 Bulk
  • Cascal RM 110 Bulk Bags
  • Dolmag 1Tonne Bags .5-4mm

Powders / Minerals

The Killough minerals facility has the capacity yo produce a wide range of filler and grit materials. These include materials suitable for Asphalt, Fertiliser and Glass Manufacturing,

Product Names

  • 2/4mm Grit
  • Asphalt Filler to IS EN 13043
  • Cubicle Lime
  • 75M Calcium Carbonate Bulk
  • Agrical Bulk
  • Calc Carb 140 38% Ca Bags
  • Calcium Carbonate 150M Bags 25kg
  • Cascal 75M 25kg Bag
  • Calcium Carbonate 150M 1Tonne Bags
  • Cascal 75M 1Tonne Bags
  • 1 Tonne Bag Agrical


Technical Specification

2 to 4mm

75µm Calcium

Agrical Bulk and Agrical Bagged

Animal Feed Lime
38% Ca

Calcium Carbonate 140µm 38% Ca

Super Fine Animal Feed Lime 38% Ca

0.500mm – 4mm

Calcium Carbonate

Cascal RM 110


Construction of Killough production facility



Killough Production Facility

The quarry is centrally located adjacent to the Cork-Dublin Motorway (M8), it encompasses a large portion of Killough Hill which is a very high purity limestone escarpment surrounded by agricultural land in Co. Tipperary.

Material for dolomitic products is sourced from the Roadstone mine in Bennettsbridge, Co. Kilkenny.

Construction on the new Killough Mineral Plant was completed in February 2020.  At the heart of the plant is a Bradley BM14 mill. This mill is capable of manufacturing Virgin Filler at a rate of 15-18 TPH and Animal Feed of 17-20 TPH. When manufacturing Fertiliser Grits this can be increased to 25 TPH.

The state of the art control system, with the Xoptix Intellisizer providing real time information on Particle Size Distribution, allows for maximum flexibility of production with an emphasis on reducing energy consumption.

The material is dried by a two stage fully modulating burner, this two stage burner helps to minimise LPG consumption thus reducing the carbon footprint of the plant.