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Pathcrete is a Roadstone Product, specifically designed to meet freeze thaw exposure class requirements given in Table NA.6 of I.S. EN 206:2013 for horizontal structures and described in Table 1 of I.S. EN 206:2013:

  • XF3 – High water saturation, without de-icing agent such as horizontal concrete surfaces exposed to rain and freezing.
  • XF4 – High water saturation, with de-icing agent or sea water such as concrete surfaces exposed to direct spray containing de-icing agents and freezing

Key Features & Benefits

  • Made from local materials manufactured to the highest standards
  • Mix design and technical advice available
  • Mixes available in 10mm and 20mm nominal aggregate sizes
  • Pump mix versions available


The C40/50 Pathcrete concrete mix is suitable for paths, pavements and yards and is available in either 10mm or 20mm aggregate size mixes. The mix is also available as a pump mix, which has increased workability and more cohesiveness to ease pumpability and placement.

Technical Specification

  • Concrete Strength: 50N/mm2 (Strength Class C40/50)
  • Minimum Cement Content: 400 kg/m3
  • Maximum Water/Cement Ratio: 0.45
  • Slump Class: S2/S3
  • Aggregate Size: 10mm/20mm
  • Exposure Class: XF3/XF4

I.S. EN 206:2013 – Concrete – Specification, performance, production and conformity