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Porcelain steps



Porcelain steps are a great way to put a finishing touch to your project. From a paved entrance to a patio.

Porcelain steps are available in 5 colours (Nero, Piombo, Walls Grigio, Walls Beige, Beige) there is one size available per colour.

The standard size is 1200x600x20mm with Beige only available only in 800x400x20mm.

Bullnose corners are available in both left-hand and right-hand pieces in beige.

Colours available

Size 1200 x 600mm

porcelain paving, natural stone. grey porcelain   porcelain paving, natural stone, grey porcelain   porcelain paving, natural stone, grey porcelain   porcelain paving, natural stone, beige porcelain   porcelain paving, natural stone

Size 800 x 400mm

porcelain paving, natural stone

Bullnose corners, left-hand and right-hand pieces

porcelain paving, natural stone

Further support

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Technical Specification

  • Nero 1200x600x20mm
  • Piombo 1200x600x20mm
  • Walls Grigio 1200x600x20mm
  • Walls Beige 1200x600x20mm
  • Beige 800x400x20mm
  • L/H bullnose corner Beige
  • R/H bullnose corner Beige