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Structural Screed

Approximate quantity/m³



Structural screeds are installed over precast concrete floor units such as hollowcore, pre-stressed flooring slabs as well as block and plank floors.

A structural screed is generally >75mm thick, it includes reinforcing and is bonded to the precast units to form an integrated structural unit.

It is important to seek accurate specifications and calculations from a structural engineer or the precast manufacture before the installation of structural screeds, as the information is vital to decide on the load requirements, flexural strength, bending moment, point loadings, durability etc.

The specification provided by an engineer or precast manufacturer should be passed to Roadstone technical team with the proposed method of placement.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Available in a range of aggregate sizes dependent on specification, cover and available depth
  • Pump mix and Self compacting concrete (SCC) versions available In the higher stregth classes
  • Crack control and structural fibres available on request
  • Made from local materials manufactured and complying to relevant European and Irish standards

Technical Specification

I.S. EN 206:2013 – Concrete – Specification, performance, production and conformity