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Warm Mix Asphalt


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Roadstone Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) is a bituminous mixture that incorporates technology that allows the material to be manufactured at lower production temperatures. This reduces the amount of fuel required to dry and heat the aggregates in the bituminous material, resulting in lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

The incorporation of this technology means that the performance characteristics of the Warm Mix Asphalt are the equivalent of a Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) despite being produced at a lower temperature. Warm Mix Asphalt is a “greener” more environmentally sustainable option.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Performs the same as HMA
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Allows materials to be transported greater distances
  • A greener more environmentally friendly mix
  • Available in a range of mixes
  • Made from local materials to the highest standards
  • 100% Recyclable


Technical Specification

Produced in accordance with

  • IS EN 13108 series
  • NSAI’s Standard Recommendation (SR) 28
  • IS EN 13108-20: Type Testing and IS EN13108-21: Factory Production Control


Supply and lay contracting

Roadstone provide a national supply and lay contracting service for the supply and lay of bituminous and non-bituminous materials. We provide specialist contractors for civil engineering, traffic management, pavement removal, linemarking, resin bonded surfacing and other pavement related expertise.

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We are sub-contracted nationally to surface Motorways, National Primary and National Secondary Roads, Airports, Ports and other key elements of our national infrastructure.

Local Authority

With up to 30 crews working nationally we offer an unrivaled service to Local Authorities resurfacing and repairing the country’s road network

 Commercial / Industrial

We surface car parks and roadways for new and existing commercial and industrial units. We have extensive experience carrying out surfacing works to factories, schools, supermarkets, housing estates and other enterprises.

Sports and Leisure Facilities

With the latest technology to ensure level control to the strictest tolerances. We provide a range of pavement solutions of permeable and non-permeable surfaces for sports pitches, horse gallops, running tracks, tennis courts, play areas and other leisure facilities.

We can offer a specialist service for minor civil works to prepare your driveway prior to surfacing. On completion we can provide linemarking or specialist resin bonded surfacing if required.

Our asphalt production facilities carry CE Marking and are ISO Accredited ensuring the durability and longevity of your new driveway.

Supply only

We offer a supply only service such that bituminous materials can be collected or delivered directly to your required location.

Supply only orders are taken centrally such that we can coordinate your order from one of our 20 Asphalt plants to best suit your delivery requirements.

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Asphalt materials

Asphalt Overview

 Roadstone owns and operates 20 Asphalt Plants strategically located at selected locations around the country, offering a national supply and ‘supply and lay’ blacktop contracting service.

All of our Asphalt Plants carry the CE Mark for Factory Production Control which ensures the quality of our produced materials through a European Standard testing regime. We also operate an independently audited, ISO:9001, Quality Management System at all of our locations.

Our Asphalt plants are further supported by our CRH Asphalt Research and Development Laboratory located at our flagship Belgard Quarry. This facility, unique in Ireland and to Roadstone, ensures that we are at the forefront of international best practice with respect to product research and development.

We provide both a supply only service for our bituminous materials, where materials can be collected and delivered, and a contracting service for the ‘supply and lay’ of bituminous and other road construction materials.

Our Road Contracts Division is the largest specialist blacktop production, ‘supply and lay’ company in Ireland with up to 30 crews operating out of our 20 blacktop plants.

As a company we have the necessary skills through relevant experience and resources to successfully complete surfacing and civil engineering contracts either as main or sub-contractor.

We undertake all sizes of blacktop projects for government funded bodies, local authorities, commercial enterprises and private individuals including such schemes as:

  • Infrastructural Projects :Motorways, Road Realignments
  • Local Authority Surfacing Schemes
  • Commercial / Industrial Projects

– Access Roads

– Car Parks

  • Sports and Leisure Facilities

– Pitches

– Tennis / Play Courts

  • Private / Domestic

– Access Roads

– House fronts

CRH Asphalt Research & Development Laboratory

Based in Roadstone headquarters in Belgard, CRH asphalt research & development laboratory was established with the objective of researching new and existing asphalt mixes and to develop products and processes to enhance the CRH groups leading position in Asphalt technology.

The development of harmonised product standards and test standards by CEN (Comite European de Normalisation) has placed a greater emphasis on material performance and out performing the requirements of these standards has been a major focus.

With a comprehensive range of test equipment available we can measure a wide  range of material characteristics including stiffness, fatigue and permanent deformation, by both Swedish Indentation and Vacuum Tri-Axial methods.  Aggregates, Bitumens and Fillers are also tested in the laboratory.

The Laboratory has performed a large number of material designs over the last few years such as Porous Asphalt (M50), Marshall Asphalt (Dublin & Shannon Airports) and a large range of Thin Layer Asphalts (NRA Motorways).  Comprehensive design protocols have been established in the laboratory for various material types which ensure that end performance requirements are achieved.  The laboratory has also developed new materials which offer solutions and a wider choice to our customers. The tests performed in the laboratory are accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB).

With the introduction of the EN13108 series of Bituminous product standards there is now a requirement for our products to be Type Tested. This type testing can incorporate performance testing and this is done in the CRH Asphalt Laboratory. Guidance on current Type Test requirements is given in Standard Reccomendation(SR) 28- Standard Reccomendation for the use of the EN 13108 series.