Castlestone Paving

The Castlestone Block Paving range has an antiqued rustic appearance. The range features a variety of sizes and thicknesses that combine with a range of colours to ensure Castlestone paving is suitable for any project.

The Castlestone Block Paving 60mm range is designed to ideally suit driveways, patios and footpaths, while the 80mm thick range is suitable for roads and commercial applications.

Light Vehicle
Light Vehicle
Heavy Goods Vehicle
Heavy Goods Vehicle

Product sizes

Size Depth
240mm x 160mm 80mm
120mm x 160mm 80mm
160mm x 160mm 80mm
240mm x 160mm 60mm
160mm x 160mm 60mm
120mm x 160mm 60mm
MIXED BALE 160 x 160mm & 240 x 160mm 60mm

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