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Centurion 12.5° Roof Tile®

Centurion 12.5° Roof Tile is a versatile concrete tile for pitches down to 12.5º.  It is a soft role concrete roof tile suitable for main roofs and extensions. The Centurion 12.5° Roof Tile can be used for pitches down to 10º once you consult with our roof tile technical department, for more information contact your local Roadstone location here.

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Key features and benefits

  • An established design since 1962
  • Perfect down to 12.5° degrees
  • Can be laid down to 10° degrees under technical guidance
  • Wind barriers behind the leading edge to combat wind lift
  • Hidden fixings including tile clip
  • Available in 3 colours Brown, Slate Grey & Terracotta
  • Full range of dry fix fittings

Technical specification

CRH Roof Tiles are manufactured to exacting standards at our various Roof Tile Plants. Manufacturing is in compliance with I.S.  E.N. 490: 2005 Concrete Roofing Tiles & Fittings and should be fixed in accordance with the Irish Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling I.C.P. 2:2002.

Product sizes, weights & quantities

Size (overall) Minimum Pitch Maximum Pitch Headlap
385 x 230mm 12.5° 44º Mimimum 100mm

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