CoreGravel Stabilising Sheets

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CoreGravel Stabilising Sheets®

CoreGravel Stabilising Sheets utilize recyclable grey polypropylene material with a sheet of honeycomb hexagon cells. They are ideal for use in any driveway, carpark and pathways. CoreGravel Stabilising Sheets provide a honeycomb design that is rigid and holds its uniform hexagon shape, which provides maximum load bearing.

The underside has a durable geotextile which in cooperation with Roadstone’s gravel, coloured aggregates and decorative pebbles allows the water to easily re-enter the soil, making CoreGravel Stabilising Sheets a desired choice where sustainable drainage is required.

The interlocking system and manageable size sheets make for easy installation. CoreGravel Stabilising Sheets are also entirely Environmentally Friendly.

Technical specification

Cell diameter : 40mm

Cell dept : 30mm

Sheet size : 800mm x 1150mm = 0.92m²

Strength : 120ton/m² empty,300ton/m² filled

Weight : 1.95kg/m²

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