Derrie Roof Tiles

The Derrie Roof Tile is a traditional interlocking roof tile with a discrete roll profile. The Derrie Roof Tile has a traditional double roll pattern which has a proven performance record for over forty years. The double roll gives the tile an inherent strength and good wind loading.

Roof Tiles are manufactured to exacting standards in compliance with I.S.  E.N. 490: 2005 Concrete Roofing Tiles & Fittings and should be fixed in accordance with the Irish Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling I.C.P. 2:2002.

Fixing Guide: Recommended Nailing/Clipping as per requirements given in compliance with I.C.P. 2:2002. The minimum recommended pitch may be influenced by certain restrictions. For advice on pitches between 22.5º and 17.5º please contact your local Roadstone location, which can be found here.


Product sizes

Size (overall) Minimum Pitch
419 x 334mm Nailed 25°
Clipped 22.5°


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