Fine Texture Blocks

Roadstone manufactures the most extensive range of Fine Texture blocks in Ireland from the highest quality aggregates produced at our own quarries that  are specially graded to give a finer texture than standard blocks.

Fine texture blocks are either left unplastered or painted for use in internal walls. Typical application for fine texture blocks include churches, schools, sports centres, office, factories etc.



  • Available in High compressive strength
  • Class A1 - Fire resistance
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Long term durability
  • Sustainable production process
  • Low thermal conductivity and high thermal capacity


  • Extensive range of solid and hollow blocks
  • Standard sizes - metric 450mm and modular 400mm ranges
  • Wide choice of accessory products
  • Produced nationwide
  • Cost effective

Technical Specification

Standard Concrete Blocks

  • I.S. EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system
  • I.S. EN 771-3:2011 Specification for Masonry Units – Part 3: Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units using an NSAI, System 2+ Certificate of factory production control.
  • Roadstone products also meet the statutory requirements of the relevant sections of The IrishBuilding Regulations 2014

Thickness Options:

  • 450mm Range 100mm / 140mm / 215mm
  • 400mm Range   90mm / 190mm

Standard Specials:

  • Quoins, Cavity, Closer, Lintels, Bond Beams
  • The full Forticrete range of shapes and sizes can be made to order .

Compressive Strength:

  • Available to I.S. EN772-1 fm dry
  • Group 1 (solid)  7.5N/mm² 13N/mm²  and 18N/mm²
  • Group 2 (cavity) 4.5N/mm²   5N/mm² and 13N/mm²

Fire Resistance:

  • Euro code 6 – I.S. EN 1996  Design of Masonry Structures – Part 1-2: General Rules – Structural Fire Design,  defines the methods and calculations to determine the fire resistance of concrete block walls.  Table N.B3.1 to table N.B3.6 of annex A, Roadstone Blocks have a Class A1 Fire rating

Thermal Properties:

  • I.S. EN 1745 Masonry and masonry products-Methods for determining design thermal values . table A3
  • Typical Thermal resistance “R” value of 100 mm solid block   = 0.084 (m²K/W)
  • Typical Thermal resistance “R” value of 215 mm cavity block   = 0.210 (m²K/W)

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