Foamed Concrete

Foamed concrete is a lightweight, highly flowable, limited strength mix, also referred to as flowable fill material. The mix contains a high and stable mass of air that reduces the density and significantly improves the placing characteristics giving it self-compacting characteristics with no requirement for vibration. Because of the high air content foamed concrete has excellent insulation, sound-absorbing and fire resisting properties. Strength grades of between 1 – 10 N/mm2 can be achieved making this mix ideal in applications where future excavation may be necessary. A versatile material foamed concrete is ideally suited to fill voids where limited, difficult or unstable access is a problem such as disused vaults, sewers and pipe lines or for neutralising redundant petrol/diesel storage tanks.



  • Neutralises and secures old fuel storage tanks
  • Fills disused vaults, sewers, pipe lines, culverts and shafts
  • Trench re-instatement
  • Insulating sub-screeds
  • Filling of temporary openings
  • Filling of arches in bridges and viaducts

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ease of placement and finishing (particularly where access is limited)
  • Self-compacting
  • Cost effective compared with traditional trench fill methods
  • Good thermal, sound and fire resisting characteristics
  • Resistant to freeze / thaw damage
  • Reduced weight compared with conventional concrete

Technical Specification

Project Specific Specifications

  • Tii Specification for Road Works Series 1000 – Road Pavements – Concrete Materials

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