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Glass blocks are one of the most versatile building materials which suit practically every individual design idea.  With Solaris Glass Blocks you can choose from a vast array of sizes, colours and designs to find the ideal combination for all your building needs. Solaris glass blocks can be used both internally and externally.

Solaris Glass Blocks offer stunning visual effects and add style and value to your property.  Excellent fire rating, good sound reduction qualities and increased security are natural built in advantages.

Key Features & Benefits Solaris Glass Block


The glass block has established itself as an indispensible element in contemporary architecture.  The visual lightness of the glass block ideally complements other materials.  Alternating with stone, the transparent material playfully lightens formidable façades.  Also, the light conducting properties of the element in conjunction with the privacy it offers have proved to be greatly beneficial in building-front architecture.

Mix and Match

Glass blocks can be used in numerous creative ways for instance from design tables to bar tops or shelves.  There are literally no limits to creative applications!  Combine them with wood, metal or plastics to create truly personalised interior.


The glass block is uniquely suited for aesthetic organisation of different phases of life within a single space.  Translucent separators create just the “Loft-Living” ambience.  The transparent glass blocks create a bright and wide-open atmosphere, and emphasise the abundance of space.

Kitchen Magic

Modern kitchens need to meet a wide variety of needs in addition to the merely functional: they should not only permit easy working around the cooking range but also offer a cosy living experience.  The translucent, easy-care glass blocks from Solaris offer a wide range of design choices in this context.  Glass blocks create comfortable light-conditions in the entire space and make the kitchen bright and large.  Either way they are used – as an alternative to tiles, as a light source or as a separator – glass blocks will make dreams of gracious living come true!

The Pleasures of a Bath

Modern bathrooms have evolved from functional areas into relaxation spaces and are perceived as places to unwind from the strains of daily life.  The translucent glow of glass blocks are ideally suited to create a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere.  The material is used by itself or in combination with other materials for shower screens, walls and separators for long years of pleasant visual experience.  The robustness of the glass block against moisture and acids will ensure that cleaning overheads are kept to a minimum, without compromising on hygienic standards.

Quick Tech System

Roadstone’s QuickTech Glass Block system is ideally suited for D.I.Y use.  Each QuickTech pack contains sufficient components to build 1m² (25No) Glass Blocks.  All you need to decide is what frame to use (if any) and the Glass Block from a large range of different types and colours.

The QuickTech system is not designed for external use and does not provide any fire rating.

Not all locations will carry a stock of Glass Blocks, as they are held in a central location for nation wide dispatch.

For further information contact your local Roadstone Representative or the Hunstown office on 01 8581653.

Key features and benefits

  • Key Features & Benefits Quicktech System
  • Easy to Build - ideal for any capable DIY person to build. Full details are on each box
  • Stock items available within 2/3 working days
  • Extensive range of colours and finishes to select from
  • Shower proof after 4/5 days. Full strength after 1-3 weeks depending on room temperature
  • General Tools & Accessories Required

Technical specification

Available in a variety of 22 finishes, an array of colours and extra specials the options are limitless

Product sizes, weights & quantities

Block TypeFlemish WhiteClearview F30Sharah F30F60

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