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Grolime Agricultural Limestone

Roadstone Grolime is a premium agricultural limestone product manufactured in Ireland. It is a basic requirement for good grassland, boosting the performance of slurry and chemical fertilisers. Grolime is a natural non-polluting, cost effective soil conditioner and a sound investment for your farm. Palatable grasses and good quality silage do not come from soils that need Grolime.

GROLIME limestone corrects soil acidity. A large proportion of Irish soils are naturally acidic, making lime application essential to provide optimum growing conditions.

GROLIME limestone supplies calcium and in some cases magnesium, important for healthy bone development in livestock, for the production of milk and as a help towards reducing incidence of grass tetany.

GROLIME, by regulating soil pH, improves availability of some other plant nutrients and trace elements giving better value for money spent on other fertiliser.

GROLIME is vital for top yields of cereals and beet  because pH levels for these crops are especially low.

GROLIME applied to acid soils encourages activity of beneficial organisms, breaking down organic matter and releasing nitrogen to plants.

GROLIME requirements can be pin-pointed by fast and accurate tests for maximum benefit. Soil sample and see if your land needs it.

Key features and benefits

  • IMPROVES the quality of grass swards.
  • Produces EXTRA live weight gain.
  • Allows HIGHER stocking rate.
  • YIELDS more digestible grass.
  • GROWS more clover.
  • Supplies calcium and in some cases magnesium which is important for healthy bone development in livestock and for the production of milk.

Technical specification

Produced in accordance with;

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine requirements.

Product sizes, weights & quantities

Sieve Size (mm) Spec. % Passing
3.35 100
0.150 min. 35
Moisture Content max. 3%
TNV min. 90%

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