High Early Strength Concrete

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Roadstone have developed a High Early Strength Concrete mix (HESC) that is specifically designed to meet the demands of special situations where there is a need for fast track construction or where early strength is essential. With our High Early Strength Concrete mix, 28 day concrete cube strengths can be achieved after 24 hours to facilitate the early completion of works. Suitable for many different applications High Early Strength Concrete mix is often used for critical road repairs where road closures are kept to a bare minimum to minimise traffic disruption. High Early Strength Concrete mix is formalised using specialist concrete admixtures and can be placed, pumped and finished just like normal concrete.


  • Road repairs
  • Tool booth surface reinstatement
  • Bridge deck remediation
  • Shut down situations in industrial facilities
  • Marine environments
  • HESC

Key features and benefits

  • High early strength, 28 day strength after 24 hours
  • Allows for rapid re-instatement of repairs
  • Minimises traffic disruptions
  • Cost effective solution to challenging projects
  • Can be placed and finished like normal concrete
  • Low w/c ratio allows for rapid drying

Technical specification

  • I.S. EN 206 – Concrete Part 1 : Specification, Performance, Production and Conformity
  • NRA Specification for Road Works – Series  1700
  • Project Specific Specifications

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