Huntstown Brick

The Huntstown concrete brick range offers a unique range of colours and textures, providing stylish, durable and innovative building solutions to designers, contractors and house builders alike.

Huntstown brick is also colour and texture compatible with the full Forticrete range of facing masonry specials including quoins, sills, splayed and coping units.

Roadstone has a network of Retail Outlets and display areas throughout the country where you can view and collect samples of Huntstown brick.

Technical Specification

  • I.S. EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system
  • I.S. EN 771-3: Specification for Masonry Units – Part 3: Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units using an NSAI, System 2+ Certificate of factory production control.
  • Roadstone products also meet the statutory requirements of the relevant sections of The Irish Building Regulations 2014

Compressive Strength:

20 N/mm²


  • Huntstown Brick has been manufatured in Dublin since 1975, using local aggregates from our Huntstown quarry in Finglas.
  • Huntstown brick manufacturing plant has achieved the ISO 50001 energy standard and Roadstone is compliant with the EU Energy Directive ensuring energy efficiency in the production of Huntstown brick.
  • Huntstown brick manufacturing plant is only 12km from Dublin city centre therefore no long haulage required.
  • Huntstown brick produced to ISO1345 using recycled water.
  • Huntstown brick is a fully recyclable product.


  • Dublin produced brick from Roadstone’s brick plant in Finglas, supporting local jobs and business (200 Roadstone employees in Dublin).


  • Significant savings can be accrued using Huntstown brick as they offer a cheaper alternative to most other brick types.



Product sizes

Smooth & Rumbled RangesLxWxH 215mm x 100mm x 65mm
Co-ordinating Smooth + RumbledLxWxH 225mm x 100mm x 75mm
Split RangeLxWxH 215mm x 107.5mm x 65mm
Co-ordinating Split RangeLxWxH 225mm x 107.5mm x 75mm

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