Kerb Block

Roadstone’s special three-way kerb block provides you with the options of Bull Nose Kerb, Low Splay Kerb, or a High Splay Kerb, all from the same kerb block.

Available in 200mm long (Standard Kerb), the Roadstone Kerb Block allows a flexible approach to any design option. From straight line to curved work, the kerb block will lend itself to any of the paving products available in the Roadstone paving brochure.

In contrast to our Castlestone Kerb block, our Roadstone Kerb block is smooth, highlighting the colour and contoured shape.

High Splay: Ideally used where more restraint and a higher definition is required.

Low Splay: Ideally used where access is required such as that for wheelie bins, prams, shopping trolleys and lawnmower etc.

Bull Nose: Perfect for steps and for a more gentle edge appearance.


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