Permeable Concrete

Also referred to as no-fines or porous concrete, permeable concrete uses the same raw materials as conventional concrete except that the fine aggregate proportion of the mix is removed entirely. Our mix design process using single sized coarse aggregate of 10, 14 or 20mm nominal size with strict control of the cement and water contents results in reduced particle packing potential with a stable void content that is highly porous. Permeable concrete can be used as a lightweight infill or overlay material and with thermal conductivity values of approximately half that of conventional concrete, permeable concrete gives excellent insulation characteristics.



  • Sub bases and blinding layers
  • Civil engineering structures – drainage media

Key Features & Benefits

  • Placed in a similar manner to conventional concrete with no special equipment required

Technical Specification

Project Specific Specifications

  • Tii Specification for Road Works Series 1700 – Structural Concrete*

*CEM I and 40mm single size aggregate are not freely available

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