Rompox – Easy Jointing Compound

Roadstone Retail Outlets provides a range of easy to use, self stabilising jointing compounds. Joints to a minimum width of 5mm can be easily filled and can provide more effective approach to the traditional mortar system.

Rompox – Easy is a highly water permeable pavement fixing mortar that allows almost all quantities of rainwater to seep into the ground. Due to the open porous structure of Rompox – Easy, all the requirements for a water permeable and thus environmentally friendly pavement fixing mortar are fulfilled.

Rompox – Easy is ideally for frost and de-icing salt resisitant, weed free, abrasion resisitant, enviromentally friendly, quick, cost effective and permanent joint fixing of almost all natural and concrete paving flags, slabs and clinker surfaces.

Application Data

Clean out joints to a depth of at least 30mm (Minimum joint width 5mm). The surface to be joint-fixed should be cleaned of all impurities before work commences. Adjoining surfaces that are not to be joint-fixed are taped off.
Remove plastic vacuum-sealed bag from the bucket and cut open.
Pour the pavement fixing mortar onto the surface and work it into the joints using a coarse broom or squeegee/ruber slider.

Finally, sweep the stone surface carefully using a soft, hair broom to remove all residual mortar. Sweeping should be done diagonally to the joint. Do not re-use swept off material. A subsequent application is not necessary. Any residual mortar on the stone surface can still be swept off 24 hours later using a coarse, street broom.



  • Patios
  • Footpaths
  • Non-trafficked entry areas

Key Features & Benefits

  • Highly water permeable
  • Weed free
  • Abrasion resisitant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Mixed ready to use

Technical Specification

  • Application time: Approx. 20-30 minutes at +20°c working temperature
  • Surface temperature: > 0°c
  • At lower temperatures slow hardening
  • At higher temperatures quick hardening
  • Surface can be walked on after 24 hours, final re-opening – after 6 days (at approx. 20°c surface temperature)

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