SL8 Roof Tile

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The SL8 Roof Tile has the visual characteristics of natural slate with benefits that no other interlocking tile can match.

Through innovative design and manufacturing technology the large format, thin leading edge roof tile the s SL8 offers superior coverage – just 8 tiles per metre square.

  • SL8 Roof Tile
  • SL8 Roof Tile
  • SL8 Roof Tile

Key features and benefits

  • Tiles are factory blended to ensure fewer colour batching variations
  • A Thin Leading Edge for impressive aesthetics
  • A wider format for a more traditional slate appearance
  • Superior Coverage at just 8 tiles per square meter
  • 20% reduction in the number of tiles used resulting in fewer tiles to handle and lay

Technical specification

SL8 Roof Tiles are manufactured to exacting standards.

Manufacturing is in compliance with E.N. 490: Concrete Roofing Tiles & Fittings and

should be fixed in accordance with the Irish Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling I.C.P. 2:2002.

Product sizes, weights & quantities

Size (overall) Minimum Pitch Maximum Pitch Headlap
420 x 396mm Nailed 25° 75° (Over 55° subject to increased fixing) Maximum - 100mm
Minumum - 75mm

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