Slip form Concrete

Vertical Slipform

As concrete is poured, the formwork is raised continuously at a speed which allows the concrete to harden sufficiently before it is exposed by the moving formwork. The setting characteristics and consistency of the concrete are closely monitored to achieve a continuous lift rate without damage to the exposed concrete. Each application would have its own unique set of concrete mix designs to suit the particular requirements of the type, size and speed of slip form.



  • Lift shafts
  • Towers and chimneys
  • Silos
  • Building cores


  • Speed of construction
  • Continuous process, no need for fixed form therefore minimise crane usage
  • Excellent finish
  • Flexible, continuous process or stop start to meet the demands of the project

Technical Specification

  • NRA Specification for Road Works series 1700
  • I.S. EN 206 – Concrete Part 1 : Specification, Performance, Production and Conformity
  • Project Specific Specifications

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