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Contemporary roofing system for Passive home

The Challenge

To provide a designed roofing solution which is visually striking, cost effective, and suitable for a passive build that provides a whole life performance.

The Solution

Roadstone supplied and installed approx. 270m² of SL8 roof tiles and dry-fit tile accessories. The SL8 roof tile was chosen by the customer as it replicated the look of natural slate while being more economical, durable and quicker to install.

The SL8 roof tile offers a 60-year structural guarantee, which is double that of a standard fibre cement tile. The SL8 roof tile is also suitable for NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) and passive houses which incorporate a warm roof system.

The house was received by the Roadstone Roofing Contracts crew with a recently constructed cut roof. The proposed roof contained seven dormers windows.

The roofing team applied the following roof components:

· Wind-tight, high vapour permeability roofing felt. (Moisture penetration resistant and breathable)

· SR82 Timber roofing battens, pressure treated.

· SL8 concrete roof tiles

· Code 5 Lead lined valleys

· Dry hip system

· Eave ventilation System – low level ventilation

· Copper ventilated, rapid roll out ridge system – high level ventilation

· Stepped dry verge

The roof was finished to the specification and design requested by the customer. The overall look of the roof suits the building and its surroundings.

The integration of the Roadstone roof fittings range gives the house a well designed and contemporary appearance.


“The SL8 rooftiles look wonderful on our new home. We couldn’t speak highly enough of the team in Roadstone from the sales and technical staff to the team of guys here on site who finished the roof. We have a tricky, large roof with many dormers, hips and valleys. The work was first class and it was done in no time at all. We are delighted with its look and performance so far and it’s great to know it’s a job that lasts a lifetime.”

Aoife Hogan, homeowner 


It is advisable to engage with the Roadstone technical team early in the project to ensure that the proposed roof can be assessed and an appropriate roofing solution can be agreed.

Examples of other roofing projects can be viewed here.

It is also important to confirm with the installation team early in the project that the installation can be programed to suit the project timelines.

ArchitectRonan O’Halloran

EngineersEvolusion Innovation / Shane Griffin

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