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Dublin Airport Red Car Park

The Challenge

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) required a product to help manage  storm water at it’s long term parking facility.

They required a cost-effective alternative to permeable block paving that could deal with the drainage challenges of the site. This included the need to tank and attenuate rain water with minimal falls across the site. The work also needed to be completed within a challenging schedule.

The Solution

The final design worked with the natural topography of the site to channel the rainwater down through the Duraflow™ porous asphalt surface and into the granular Permeabase™ reservoir layer. Once within this aggregate layer water flows to the lowest point in the system to a discharge point. The system is also designed to potentially tap into the reservoir layer and use it as a source of water if required.

An area of 62,000m2 was covered with the Permeabase™ and Duraflow™ pavement system  providing a solution to the storm water management issues of the site. The project design criteria of improving the environmental impact of the site was achieved. The pavement and surface provided is easily maintained and has enhanced the facility with a superior finish for the DAA’s customers.


When working on a project of this given its scale and the nature of the location itself three things are key:





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