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ESB Headquarters – Fitzwilliam Street – Rooftop Table

The Challenge

The new ESB Headquarters on Fitzwilliam Street provides a unique concrete frame structure within the heart of Georgian Dublin. A rooftop terrace on the 4th floor of this concrete frame building offers stunning views of Dublin city skyline.

A central point of this rooftop terrace is a 12m long polished concrete table that will allow for outdoor meetings and social events.

The Solution

The concrete used for this table is in keeping with the concrete supplied for the whole of the building; characterized by the use of a dark 10mm limestone aggregate in contrast to the light grey paste fraction of the concrete mix.

Both the placement and compaction of the mix were seen as important steps in ensuring that consistent and even finished surfaces were produced. With respect to the placement, flatness of tabletop surface was seen as key. Even though only 12m long, inconsistences in a table would be seen as being far more obvious than a floor. The compaction of the concrete was carried out with care, in particular for the slender upstand elements with the aim of dispelling as much entrapped air as possible, while at the same time not segregating the mix resulting in an uneven volume of coarse aggregate at the bottom of the upstands.

The whole of the table, including the upstands, were polished by the polishing contractor, Balcrete, to expose the coarse aggregate. Following this, a smaller diamond disk polisher was used to remove scratches that were left from the previous grind to produce a smooth finish. This resulted in a matt or ‘silver finish’. Finally, all edge details were polished to produce a chamfer and soften the overall feel of this concrete table.

This resulted in a polished concrete table that sits perfectly in the centre of this rooftop terrace overlooking Dublin City Centre.

This polished concrete table offers durability to the elements, unlike most alternative materials, as well as functionality and style.


Prior to concrete polishing operations commencing, the concrete mix should be allowed to develop its 28-day compressive strength.

This is an important consideration for domestic and commercial projects, when developing a programme of works.

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