Forticrete Masonry used as 5 Star Hotel solution


To provide a robust and visually pleasing finished masonry product suitable for use within the grounds of a 5 Star Hotel.

The characteristics for the product must;

  1. Be aesthetically pleasing
  2. Be adaptable to the architects vision for terraces and canopies connecting the buildings
  3. Suitable for both residential and communal units
  4. Provide a product which performs in an A-rated build


Roadstone provided 1,200m2 of Forticrete Masonry (charcoal) for both Residential and Communal aspects of the development. The product was installed by a contractor in a random bond using a charcoal pigmented mortar supplied and mixed by the contractor.

A distinct benefit of Forticrete Masonry is that it was built by a standard block-layer, removing the need for a stone mason.


Installation of Roadstone’s Charcoal Forticrete Masonry┬áresulted in a visually appealing product that fitted well within the existing aesthetics.


  • Ensure that accurate measurement of masonry required is carried out pre-build to ensure ease of delivery
  • To ensure consistency of mortar colour Roadstone Flomix Silo is recommended
  • It is always recommended to build a sample wall prior to build

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