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The Challenge

To provide a robust paved surface for both vehicular and pedestrian use to;

Provide an aesthetically pleasing & low maintenance paving design.

Provide colour variation to distinguish between walking and seating areas

Provide for a safe surface area to seat 200 people.

Provide an antiqued paving finish to compliment the Limestone castle.

Provide permeable areas for car parking.

The Solution

Roadstone provided 360m² of 60mm Castlestone Paving (Natural) for the thoroughfare and 260m² of 60mm Castlestone Paving (Charcoal) for the outdoor seating areas.  Both of these paved surfaces had an antiqued finish to compliment the roughly coursed limestone of which the castle is constructed. 40tns of 14mm washed local crushed pebble was used in the parking areas inside the castle gate. This acted as both a robust parking surface and a drainage area for water runoff from the paved area.

Roadstone provided a multifunctional paved surface which ensured the surface was both a robust paved surface and a functional SuDS (sustainable urban drainage system) application. The paved areas are both functional and provide secluded areas for customers to sit and enjoy their lunch.


It is important to provide a maintenance program to customers to ensure that the paved surface is maintained appropriately.

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