Luas Park & Ride, Carrickmines, Dublin

Project Features

  • Construction period : 2011
  • 8,000m² carpark
  • Porous Pavement construction
  • Permeabase Sub base
  • Duraflow Porous Asphalt

In 2011, Roadstone were tasked with supplying a Porous pavement material for the Luas Park & Ride in Carrickmines. Standard car park construction was not an option for this project due to the water outflow restrictions at the site. A tanked system was designed for the entire car park, by Mott Mc Donald, which would allow for a controlled rate of water discharge, even during 100 year rain events. All of the rain water that falls on the car park surface is captured and allowed to infiltrate into the underlying sub soil through the permeable pavement, with an incorporated overflow system for heavy rain events. Roadstone designed, ‘Permeabase’ stone sub base system and ‘Duraflow’ porous asphalt were selected for use on this project. Combined with Geotextiles and Intergrids, a fully porous pavement was successfully installed for the project.

Duraflow porous asphalt has been designed to soak up surface water which then percolates into a stone sub base layer, Permeabase.  This allows water to be discharged at a controlled rate into a water attenuation drainage system or to infiltrate through other layers into the sub soil. Duraflow surface course has been designed by Roadstone using polymer modified bitumen and carefully selected high quality aggregates to maximise performance and durability. Roadstone also designed and manufactured Duraflow open graded binder course for a complete porous pavement designs on the Carrickmines project. The significant drainage capacity of Porous asphalt pavement systems provides a cost-effective drainage solution for capturing and controlling the release of surface water.

Hydraulic conductivity tests were performed during and after installation and the test results demonstrated that the Duraflow surfacing could provide the required drainage performance without any compromise on material durability and performance.

Stakeholders Involved in Project

CLIENT:  Railway Procurement Agency
DESIGNERS: Mott Mc Donald
MAIN CONTRACTOR: Somague-Bowen-Sacyr JV

Locations Involved

Belgard Quarry
Allen Quarry

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