I started working for Roadstone on the 30th March 2015 after graduating as a mature student from IT Tallaght with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014. Prior to returning to college full time I worked in the construction industry for 12 years. While on the graduate programme I have gained an understanding of the processes in place to manufacture a large array of products. Each location I have worked in provided me with access to people who were willing to help increase my knowledge on site specific processes and company systems.

The graduate programme has allowed me to gain practical experience which dovetailed with further study in industry specific subjects through the University of Derby. As my experience grew with each rotation I felt more responsibility being entrusted to me as I worked on a variety of projects involving RMC Plants, Block Plants and currently the installation of a new Cold RAP system in my current location. These projects, while educational, also provided me with a platform to show I could make a positive contribution. Overall I found Roadstone Ltd. an environment conducive to development, with people willing to invest time in you.

StephenB.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, Dip Mineral Extraction

‘I commenced the Roadstone Graduate Programme in April 2014. Since then I have gained valuable experience across a wide variety of areas within the organisation, each one with its own unique challenges and learning outcomes. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time in quarries, Contracts, Health & Safety and am presently engaged in a role within our Mobile Crushing Division.

In addition I undertook a foreign assignment in CRH Ukraine which was based around the production and distribution of cement, a key product driver for CRH. For me the thing I enjoy most about the programme is the responsibility I receive and the investment that the company makes in BUILDING me.

From day one graduates are exposed to senior management who encourage them to take on roles and tasks and to bring forth new ideas to develop their skills. The refreshing thing is that they really do listen and if you look around, you’ll see the last group of graduates before our time make up a large number of current managers and hold roles even higher up in the organisation. This is motivating as is the fact that there are opportunities and projects available abroad within the wider CRH Group.

For anyone who truly cares about their career development and its foundation, Roadstone ticks all the right boxes. To sum up my own personal development from my first day to the present is very difficult to quantify. In short I’ve experienced exponential growth in all areas and would highly recommend this programme.’

JamesMSc Construction Project Management, BSc (Hons) Construction Management & Engineering, BEng Civil Engineering, Dip Mineral Extraction, Dip Concrete Technology

Over the past three years the Roadstone Graduate Development Programme has allowed me to gain hands-on experience in the production of the full range of construction materials. The 4-month rotations allow rapid learning across a range of locations throughout Ireland, with the option of a secondment to another CRH company abroad. I have fulfilled numerous roles, such as production planning, quality control, dispatch, project management as well as being part of the buddy system with new graduates. My main day to day activities currently include managing production, stock levels and maintenance, a large part of which revolves around planning and managing people.

This practical knowledge has been complimented by a number of CPD courses including the University of Derby, Engineers Ireland and the CRH Business Academy. All courses have been practical and the learning outcomes have be applied to my day-to-day role.

As part of the CRH group with 89,000 employees across 3,900 locations, there are endless opportunities to work abroad in the future. I would highly recommend Roadstone and CRH as employers for those interested in developing their careers.

AlanBE Energy Engineering, Dip Mineral Extraction, Dip Concrete Technology